ClimateSecure insures the


against climate hazards


Weather conditions strongly impact

crop yields, storing,
as well as the first processing steps.

            €     BN


Total losses of farms along the Danube in June 2013 because of excessive rainfall.


           -                     %


Corn yield in the US in 2012 compared to the 10 years average, due to a drought.

           -                     %


Wheat yield in France after a dry year.


3 steps to a tailor-made solution

Evaluating the weather
sensitivity of your activity


What volatility of your crop yields is caused by events such as the heat, rain, cold, droughts ? How do you decrease your exposure to these events ?

Building a specific insurance

contract based on your needs


Which type(s) of crop(s) ? Which risks insured (yields, frost, rainfalls…) ? Expected revenues and expected compensation ?

Payment trigger based on certified

weather reports


Rapid claims payment based on terms of contract, without the need for an expert on-site.

We adapt our expertise to your needs

Why choose ClimateSecure ?

A specialized partner

- Wide range of tailor-made solutions

- Detailed analysis of the weather sensitivity of your business

- Quick and easy compensation process

- Smoothing of your financial results

- Protecting your balance sheet

- Risk transferring

We offer consulting and insurance solutions to major agricultural producers, in order to protect them from lower margins due to weather-related events.

We have the capability to underwrite yield-based insurance contracts as well as weather-specific and tailor made contracts (animal feed production monitored by satellite…).

Download our leaflet about weather-related risks on the agriculture industry.



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