ClimateSecure insures the

 engery sector

against climate hazards


Demand for energy is strongly correlated
with weather conditions as anomalies may impact

the production of energy, its distribution, and therefore result in increased costs for end consumers.

           -                       %


Gas distributed in January and

February 2014 in France due to mild temperatures throughout the winter




Energy consumption in Switzerland in 2011 because of the warm weather experienced that year

            -                       %


Hydropower production in Spain in 2012 during and after a drought


3 steps to a tailor-made solution

Evaluating the weather
sensitivity of your activity


What are the consequences of various weather events on your revenues and/or costs ? How do you decrease your exposure to these events ?

Building a specific insurance

contract based on your needs


Which geographical area, at what time of year? (Eg: Western Europe, winter season, etc.)

Payment trigger based on certified

weather reports


Rapid claims payment based on terms of contract, without the need for an expert on-site.

We adapt our expertise to your needs

Why choose ClimateSecure ?

A specialized partner

- Wide range of tailor-made solutions

- Detailed analysis of the weather sensitivity of your business

- Quick and easy compensation process

- Smoothing of your financial results

- Protecting your balance sheet

- Risk transferring

- Protecting end consumers

We offer consulting and insurance solutions to gas, fuel and electricity distributors, as well as energy producers, in order to protect them from lower margins due to weather-related events.

We also have the capability of insuring end consumers, e.g. to minimize the cost of their energy bill.

Our consulting offer includes tools to optimize the energy consumption of any business.

Download our leaflet about weather-related risks on the energy industry.



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